About Us

Healing to the Nations is a church committed to hearing the voice of God for Australia and our region of the world.

We are committed to developing extended times of prophetic worship and intercession after the model of David’s Tabernacle.

We also see ourselves as called of God to work in harmony and unity with the whole Body of Christ as watchmen, gatekeepers and intercessors. There are too many unprotected cities with broken down walls and unguarded gates. Cities are vulnerable and exposed to satan’s attacks and the Bride of Christ is being ravaged and taken captive in too many places.

We are just one of the many voices across our nation and around the earth trying to find our place on the wall and hear the trumpet sound of others as we work together in the purposes of God. Our desire is to also give a clear trumpet sound to the voice of God for such a time as this.

We have had over 30 years experience and background in ministry, having planted and successfully established several churches in our nation in the pentecostal arena. We have also pastored small and large churches and have travelled internationally with other groups in ministry and church planting.

We are not affiliated with any denominational body, movement or structure; God having called us out some years back. He has given us a better understanding and love for the entire Body of Christ. You see things better when the blinkers and blind spots are dealt with by God.

We are about relating to you and hearing from you, networking with like-minded churches and ministries as God opens the doors.

We are a community of families who meet in the Adelaide Hills and are learning to walk the ancient paths, delighting ourselves in the ways of YHWH.