Our Focus

Into the future

  • To see apostolically unified city churches across our nation.
  • To see barriers and walls that divide removed and for the Bride to be united as One in Christ.
  • To see the end time shakings and purifying fire of our God prepare the Church for a great reformation and renewal of true Biblical holiness.
  • To see and participate in an outpouring of revival upon the nation of Australia.
  • To see the youth and younger generations arise in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, moving across the nation as Elijahs and John the Baptists, preparing the way for the coming of the King.
  • To see the establishing of a 24 hour 7 day a week house of prayer, worship and prophetic intercession in our cities as a combined ministry to the Lord by many churches working together.
  • To raise up healing rooms for the sick to come for extended times of prayer.
  • To make communion rooms available for families and friends to come together in genuine fellowship as they eat a meal together around the Lord’s table.
  • To be a prophetic voice to the nation as God directs and reveals.
  • To see the church in the house a reality of true fellowship and community with Christ and communion as central

The New Testament Church is an apostolic Church. It is led, governed and guided by apostolic gifted and anointed ministries to the city and nation. The Church must come into alignment with New Testament pattern and purpose. Each city must identify its foundational ministries of apostles and prophets for the City Church. There must also be collective recognition of the wider city eldership of ascension gift ministries. All denominational and individual church government and structure must change to flow with true Biblical government and structure.

Our God is a man of war, and He is an apostolic/prophetic Voice for the nations. Our nation desperately needs to hear what His Spirit is saying to the Church at this time. We have entered a time when God is wanting to give clear prophetic guidance, to sound urgent warnings of dangers ahead and to declare that times of change and of judgement are right on our doorsteps.

There are multitudes more in our nation and region with hearts and a vision for the prophetic power of the Spirit to be released in its many forms and various ways. If we don’t hear clearly and understand properly what God is saying to and requiring of the Church at the moment, then there will be no healing or revival for our land. The apostolic and prophetic in its rightful place is essential for proper foundational structure for the future that is just in front of us.

We do not have all the answers, if any of them, to our great needs as a nation. And none of us will have without the corporate expressions of the apostles and prophets, the intercessors, watchmen and gatekeepers interacting with one another across denominational, ideological and doctrinal barriers.

Our Focus
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