Words like Church – Christianity – Law – Jesus Christ – Lord – LORD – Holy – Gospel – Old Testament – New Testament – Communion – Rapture – Hell, are not Scriptural terms or definitions.

The original writers used very different words, and different definitions and meanings to define the teachings of God to Israel and to the rest of the world through them.

Christian translators and theologians use words to meet the demands of and to substantiate their false doctrines and teachings in order to give greater authority and control over churches and denominations. It also reinforces anti-Semitic attitudes and rejection of the commandments (the law) and appointed celebrations given to all mankind through Israel.

The Christian doctrine that the Church has replaced Israel or is spiritual Israel and that grace has replaced law (Torah – teachings in righteousness) among many other false teachings, is enshrined in these misleading use of words, theological terms, definitions and teachings. Scripture must interpret Scripture. Two thousand years of Christian doctrine and tradition must not be the lens through which the Scriptures are read, interpreted or followed.

Therefore we have the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) calling out people from “Babylon” and leading them into a more Scripturally-based faith and obedience to truth as required by God in order to be part of His Kingdom and millennial reign.