A message based on Romans 12:1-2. It focuses on the power of this world and its purpose to fashion us like unto itself. We are targeted at every level of life in a different way to conform us into its image, ideals, beliefs, fashions, interests. It wants to determine the use of our time, talents, pleasures, priorities. This world wants to own and control us. It will tell you how to spend your money,how to dress, what to think politically, spiritually, morally. Don't let it, we can't afford to allow the "world to squeeze us into its mould"

Satan is the personality behind this worlds power brokers, mega rich financiers and controllers of wealth, corrupt political processes, the famous names behind the fashion, the entertainment, music and arts world, and the plethora of Denominational and religious institutions. Satan is the master deceiver, the god of this world. His objective, to blind the eyes of this world and carnal Christians to the Good News of the Kingdom of God and His end time purpose for our lives. Col. 2:8-9 2 Cor 4:1-6.

How can we be part of Y'Hovah Elohims (LORD God) eternal purpose and plan for the end of this age? By transform