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We welcome anyone who is looking for more geniune fellowship. We are walking and learning together as we return to God's commandments.

Welcome to the ancient pathway, as revealed by Y'hovah to Moses and the prophets, (Jer 18:15; 6:16-19) and your journey into wisdom, understanding and shalom (peace and wellbeing).

May the God of Israel bless you in your search for truth and spiritual fulfilment. The Torah (teachings of God, not Law) and the commandments are the tree of life and the narrow path into the Kingdom of God, along with faith in Yeshua. Proverbs 3:1-2; 13-18. Matthew 5:17-20; 7:12-15. Psalm 119

Many are the hungry seekers for spiritual satisfaction as they find themselves more and more disillusioned with religious tradition, man-made structures, doctrines and leadership models that do not fit Scripture and which divide people into a multitude of different denominations and churches.

This heartfelt desire is the call or voice of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) leading Christians into a deeper, more meaningful and truthful understanding of Scripture and the Kingdom of God.

There is a longing for true community, fellowship, friendship, and unity as brothers and sisters in Yeshua.

Pesach (Passover) is only days away!

To me, Pesach or Passover is about the essential message of our salvation, and the importance of every aspect of it over the eight days it is celebrated. It begins with Messiah’s death, His resurrection, and points to His second coming and the new heavens and the new earth on the eighth day, celebrated at Sukkot. Therefore none of the Feasts can be ignored or one given importance over the others. They all are necessary to tell the whole story of the Good News of the Kingdom of Elohim.

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