Where in the world are we at? President Biden, and beyond:


On the 3rd of October 2022, I was sitting in my lounge. Just another regular Monday after lunch time. 1:42pm news was on.

Then bang, out of the blue comes a nursery rhyme into my head.


“Jack and Jill went up the hill,

To fetch a pail of water,

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.”


Picture One:

I immediately knew who it was about and saw the connections. Then Ruach gave me a caption for it straight away: BIDEN THEIR TIME.

How do you spell that? Not "Biding”, but “Biden” Their Time. I knew then the poem became Joe and Jill, not Jack and Jill, and Joe's time as President was decreed as over by Elohim.

1. The hill they ascended was Capitol Hill and the White House. The seat of power and Presidency.

2. The pail of water. This was a bucket full of presidential promises and money, relief in health care, more jobs, lower interest rates, better wages, better housing. Solutions and legislation to satisfy a very thirsty nation.

3. But Joe fell down and broke his crown. The crown is the symbol of power and ultimate authority. He has just been stripped of his presidency and ousted from office.

4. Jill comes tumbling after. Everything she stands for shattered; Women's rights, abortion, Roe v. Wade, Education. The first Ladies role in standing behind her husband and inspiring women, helping children and families survive on unfulfilled promises - gone.

This I all understood and could see. But it left me with a whole lot of other unanswered questions.

The how, the when, the what, the why and the who!

I knew this was about the Bidens, but there has to be lot more going on behind the scenes and others involved to make this happen. My first thought was it must be from within his own party. I know what it's about, losing the Presidency. But that tells me nothing about what’s behind all this, and what is the fallout. Then, of course, I need to know exactly when this is going to happen.

Then my next big question was, why tell me? Of what importance or difference does all this make to me, to HTTN, or to Australia? I had many more questions than answers. Who would like to take him out and replace him, and when, and how?

My first thought was Kamala Harris, Biden’s Vice President. She would have a lot of friends in powerful places on her side. (More later.) For two days I was pondering these questions; praying, thinking, thinking, thinking, researching. Father, what are you saying about this?


5th October 2022.

Two days later, Wednesday. (This whole scenario happens between Yom Teruah and Sukkot. The 7th month.)  Some time that morning, without warning, it was like a loud shout in my head and heart. It came just like a shofar blast, a loud pronouncement in my mind and inner being.  

"What's the time, Mr Wolf?"

I knew Father had spoken. Unbeknownst to me, this became the second clue to my puzzling questions and Y’Hovah’s unusual way of getting His message across to me.


Picture 2:

I knew this child's game, but couldn’t remember how it was played, what they did or what the object of the game was (so I Googled it).

In a group of children, one is chosen to be Mr Wolf. He is the most important, or special, and most powerful person in the game. Mr Wolf dictates the terms and timing of the attacks. Mr Wolf faces away from the children, at the opposite end of the room or park.

The other children cry out, “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?" He in turn replies whatever time he wishes – 2 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 1 o’clock and so on. Children take that many steps closer toward him. As he seduces them closer and closer to him, when he feels the distance is right, he will cry out “Dinner Time!”, or “Midnight” if it’s an adult version. The children scream and flee as Mr Wolf tries to catch someone before they get back to the wall. Whoever he catches is eliminated from the game, until everyone is caught and another Mr Wolf is chosen.


So I have new information, but still the same questions:

Who is going to call “Dinner Time” or “Midnight” on Joe Biden, and when?

My focus is now who, or what, Mr Wolf is.

Two days later, after much thinking, praying and researching, I have no answers, just theories in my mind. But Y’Hovah has really got my attention.


7th October 2022:

Two days later. Friday. (This is Yom Kippur.)

After our meeting on Yom Kippur, I sit down in my lounge to relax before bed. (Am I making this melodramatic enough?) I take out my phone to check my emails for the day. There, at the top of the list, is seven identical emails, one after the other, that have come through our HTTN Website.

The heading or subject on each one was exactly the same:

“The Wolf of Wall Street accidentally told how to make from $1,000 per day.”

I nearly fell off the chair. In my mind, this puts HTTN in the path of its warning purpose. 

Once I got over my amazement, I chatted with Father about it a bit, with many questions and no real answers, just many thoughts of my own. Then I put the TV on to see what news or stuff was on that may interest me. As I scroll through the programs, I see after the SBS news that there is a movie on. What do you think it’s called? (This is a few minutes after my email encounter.)

“Dances With Wolves”, with Kevin Costner.

Well, I could hardly believe my eyes. Amazed was an understatement. Wolves were coming up everywhere, in different contexts.

Then, I realise what Y’Hovah is telling me in this very cryptic way: That the Wolf is Wall Street, Joe Biden and the Democrats are Dancing with the Wolves of Wall Street, and it’s all about to come tumbling down. It’s all starting to make sense, but I still had a lot of questions.


Wall Street:

The mega banks and the rich and powerful run and control Wall Street. This is about the “end times” economy, the politics around it, and our proper understanding of where it is at and our preparation for it.

This is about world governments and their spending, borrowing, lending and investing. It’s about how this world's Reserve Banks, including our own, adjust interest rates, buy back bonds and control inflation (or try). And more importantly, world economies and international governments can fall and collapse on the strength of the US Dollar. The American dollar is the global reserve currency; every nation trades in American dollars in imports, exports and borrowing. The outcome of all this is “sovereign debt crisis”, where countries borrow more than they can repay and economies collapse. Who owns and controls them then? The lenders.

But I still have lots of questions, like how Biden loses the top job, who replaces him and when, etc. So in my questioning and researching I discover a few more interesting facts, as I go further down the rabbit-hole of interconnecting thoughts that lead me into the dark mazes of the unknown, and uncertainties that lie ahead.


CIA Security Codes:

One of the areas I went down, or was lead to explore, was CIA security codes for presidents and their wives and families. The CIA does all the bodyguard work and service security for the White House and Presidents travel, etc. (Kevin Costner also starred in “The Bodyguard” movie.)

In my searches, I discovered some interesting facts about the 41st President, George H. W. Bush - born 1924, Republican for four years. Interestingly, he was the Director of the CIA before his presidency. But what was important to me was the name the CIA gave him as his security code name: “Timberwolf”. Why? Because he loved to hunt in the wild, especially wolves.

This was all very interesting and very intriguing – but I couldn’t see if it had any relevance or meaning to this scenario. Did Ruach lead me to it, or did I just find it? I just put it to one side. I do have understanding of what Yah is saying to me, and in very graphic form – but I still don’t understand how or when this is all going to happen, and at whose hands.


9th October 2022: 

Four days later. Sunday.

Then comes the third major piece of the puzzle right out of the blue. Nothing to do with my research or thoughts. It was another Fairy Tale story: “Little Red Riding Hood”. Who was at the centre of this Fairy Tale?


Picture 3 & 3a:

The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman. Let’s look at the characters and the story-line and see how Y’Hovah is using it for our benefit and instruction.

We have Little Red Riding Hood, being sent to Grandma’s house with eggs, cake and butter as her Grandma is old and in bed. She heads off into the woods to bring supplies, sustenance and help for this struggling old lady.

The Woodsman is out cutting down trees and sees this little girl alone in the woods. He warns her to be careful as there is a dangerous wolf in the area.

The Wolf who is a sly, cruel, greedy creature sees her and asks about her and where she is going. He wants to eat her up. But he has a plan and lays a trap. He hurries to Grandmas house, tricks her, eats her up and gets into her bed.

Little Red Riding Hood comes along with her gifts and the Wolf asks her for a kiss. She is wary, for Granny looks so ugly and not like she remembers her. "What a big nose you have," she says, "and large ears, and eyes, and teeth."  The Wolf replies, “All the better to eat you with!” He then leaps out of bed to eat her. Then of course, the Woodsman rushes in and kills the wolf with his axe.


The Scenario:

The Wolf represents the dangers and destructive forces of Wall Street; the capitalists, elite power brokers, bankers etc who the political powers of government dance around with, the wolves of Wall Street and their stock markets who are unaware of what is about to unfold.

Who is in danger? Little Red Riding Hood. Who does she represent? The person or persons who have come to clean and rid the House of Granny from those who have taken over it for nefarious reasons, the Wolf. Who comes and saves her? The Woodsman with his axe.

Who does the Woodsman represent?

Remember the CIA’s secret code for Bush? “Timberwolf”. What party did he represent as president? The Republican Party. What colour was Little Red Riding Hood dressed in? Red! This indicates to me that the Republican party, the Woodsman, is going to remove Bush from the Presidency and win the next election.

Now listen very carefully.

This is not about politics, whether you vote Red or Blue or any other colour. Whether you vote for Labour or Liberal, I don’t care. (I might, if you voted for some of the other parties.) If you think that this is about politics, then you have missed the whole point of what the Elohim of Israel is saying.

This is about where the world is at now and entering into politically, economically, socially and spiritually, regardless of which party is in power.

Father is saying He is in control of those who are in power and out of power. It’s all about His agenda for world conditions, economies, wars, climate catastrophes, civil unrest, famines,  epidemics and where they all fit in for His end time plan. 

So who is this Timberwolf from the Republican Party that is going to bring Joe Biden down at the next election? My pick is Donald Trump. He will run, and he will win, as I see it. What did Donald Trump say when he won his first election in 2016? That he was going to “Drain The Swamp.”

He was going to separate main street banking from Wall Street. The mega banks' control over Wall Street was his target. They had Hilary Clinton in their pockets, just like Biden today. This is just another step in that direction. Biden's power and Women's power is halted again.

Another very interesting point for me is the date.

What was the date this was given to me? 17/10/2022. When did Trump make his much talked about statement on emptying the swamp? 17/10/2016. Exactly the same date, 6 years later. What day of the week was the 17/10/2022? Monday. What day was it in 2016 when Trump made his statement? Monday. I feel Donald Trump will change the face or direction of politics in the USA; more civil unrest and economic woes. Not for the better, but for the worse.

Whether it’s because of him, or because it’s already happening and he gives it a push along in a different way is irrelevant. It is going to happen in Elohim’s way, at His pace and for His outcomes.

Economies will collapse and things will get tough very fast when it starts. Money will be lost, businesses will fail, welfare will be harder to get, if at all, and governments will run out of money.



Another interesting discovery that speaks into this was on Biden's running mate, and Vice President of the country. Kamala Harris.

I first suspected her to be the main contagonist to topple Biden, but I was wrong. (I am sure she would like to become the next president, and plenty would support her.) Y’Hovah connected her with Charlemagne in His portrayal to me of the times in which we live and are entering into. Charlemagne is one of the most important symbols in the seven headed Beast of Daniel and Revelation.

Charlemagne was crowned as Emperor of Rome by Pope Leo III as he knelt at Mass in St Peters on Christmas Day, 800BC.

“Charlemagne was the popes’ secular arm that Christianised the pagans with the sword and thereby enlarged the Roman Catholic domain as the Spanish conquistadors would later do in America.” (Dave Hunt)

Popes and Emperors acted as one in partnership in the governing of the masses they controlled and ruled over. Charlemagne is called the Father of Europe, and by some the Forefather of modern Europe. Napoleon was hailed as Charlemagne reborn. He was Hitler's inspiration to take over Europe and remove the Jews as well.

In December 1978, the French President and the German Chancellor held a summit in Aachen, where Charlemagne was born and his seat of authority was. These two leaders began the task of changing the whole European Monetary System, from which came today's Euro. The French President said he felt the spirit of Charlemagne brooded over us.

When any political and spiritual leaders talk about reviving the spirit of Charlemagne, and many do, they are talking about a united Europe under one leader and one church again. This legacy of Charlemagne will rise again and with it, all its brutality, change of laws and totalitarian control.

What has this got to do with Kamala Harris?

Do you know anyone called Charlemagne? Anyone in your family named Charlemagne? I never have, and would never have expected to. But when I researched a bit on Kamala Harris, I found she had an interview with one Charlemagne. This man named Charlemagne is an American show host and interviewer. He is famous, one of the best and in the American Hall of Fame. In America he is called “Charlemagne the God”. 

He is a Kamala Harris fan and devotee. He says Harris should be the superhero that saves democracy, among other things. I think Y’Hovah Elohim gave me the connection to show that this is all about how the endtime picture in Scripture is unfolding, right before our very eyes - if we’re open to seeing it.



But the bigger question for me and for us is, what do we do with this information? How do we proceed and prepare for our future?

Y’Hovah our Heavenly Father has all of this in hand and under control. He is the one guiding us, alerting us, and will give us the wisdom and resources to serve Him and His will in this Kingdom age we are in. He has shown me another picture to give me an understanding of where He is, and what He is saying specifically to us.




(But that’s for another day.)