Galatians 4:21-31. The Christian Church is the birth of the slave women. Christianity is a church of feminism. It is ruled and run in the spirit of feminism, by the spirit of feminism. I have spoken a number of times on the subject of feminism being a major problem in the Church. But Y’Hovah spoke to me while I was in Ballarat last November, and showed this to me from a totally different perspective that I hadn’t seen before. He spoke to me from this Scripture passage with this analogy of feminism. Here Paul is speaking of the slave woman, Hagar, and the free woman, Sarah. One gives birth to bondage and the other gives birth to freedom. Both are based on the Torah and how you see it, hear it, understand it and obey it.

This seems to begin a trend in the Messianic picture; that not the first born, but the second born becomes the carrier of the promise and the Messianic line. Strong, self reliant first borns aren’t always the answer. And its not the abundantly fertile women that carries the Messianic promise, but the seemingly barren and infertile women that carries the Messianic promise. Abraham and Sarah believed the promise that they would have an heir through whom would come the fulfilment of promise. Through his seed a nation would arise and inherit this land of promise. And through his seed salvation and blessing would come to the entire world. But through impatience for the timing of Elohim and not fully understanding the importance of the method, or the means and the sanctity of the method required to achieve Elohim's objective, they became subjective in how to achieve Y’Hovah’s objective.

Don’t Deviate from the Divine Pattern


Genesis 16:1-5.

If we don’t listen to the voice of Y’Hovah carefully and follow His instructions accurately in faith, then what we birth may not be what Father was wanting us to birth. Our Heavenly Father has a plan, a method, a right way, and it alone will achieve His objectives. He also has a time frame, an era,a right person for a certain outcome, and we can mess it up when we do things our way - the way of the flesh and not the Ruach. We must not get impatient or we will try to make it happen and take the credit in the process. We will believe our way is best and working when it isn’t. In the Kingdom and everything eternal, there is only one way: God’s way. There is always a God given order, with a Godly outcome with much blessing attached to it. To not follow it will always produce a literal bondage with spiritual slavery attached to it. Here in this story is the portrayal of such a situation and outcome.

After ten years had passed, Sarai felt Y’hovah had passed her by. Maybe she felt her faith was insufficient, or she wasn’t good enough, or that they just hadn’t understood how He wanted this done. So Sarai felt she had a solution to solve the problem for Abram that would fulfil the promise for both of them. Take my slave girl as a wife, and she can bear a son for me. Problem solved, objective accomplished - you will have an heir through whom Y’Hovah can fulfil the promise. How far from the truth was this reasoning! That was culturally acceptable, but contrary to the will of Elohim for them and His plan. The problem was compounded because Abram never listened to what Y’Hovah had told them - instead, he followed his wife's advice. The man, Abram, listened to the women, Sarai, and together they opened the door to what would become a false religious system, Islam. This religion, its ideology and its system would oppose the purposes of Elohim and the nation of Israel to the end of time. They would take the promises given to Abram and twist them to their set of values and beliefs and try to enforce the outcome, and take over the land their way. That is a powerful demonic force at work in the world to this very day, until Messiah comes.

The Spirit Of Feminism Released

But it gets even worse than that. When Abram lay with another women, Hagar, the seed of feminism was released into the world of the spiritual and the program of Elohim. The blueprint of Torah and the ways set by Y’hovah Elohim to enter the Kingdom would be changed and compromised in a thousand different ways. The words of Paul ring loud and clear: “… don’t you understand (listen to, obey) the Torah?” Just as Adam listened to Eve and followed her bidding, it released bondage, slavery and loss. Mans world was changed forever. The paradise they lived in, the eternal promise they were birthed into was gone. Sin and death was released upon the earth with its spiritual consequences for every generation and era ever since. Abraham and Sarah were Elohim's antidote to Adam and Eve's death sentence. But Abraham and Hagar got in the way and produced an alternative spiritual solution. It was a different Good News to the original one.

Let’s read again what Paul said to the Galatian community: Galatians 1:6-10. 

There was a conflict in how the truth was being presented, followed and understood. The Good News had become distorted and the end result was to be cursed. The Sarah and Hagar comparison used by Paul is about a distortion and misunderstanding of the true value and meaning of the Torah. It’s the difference between Mount Sinai, giving birth to slavery; this is Hagar, representing present day Jerusalem, but the New Jerusalem above is free. She is Zion as seen in Sarah and her son. Paul then says under the inspiration of the Ruach: “Drive out the slave woman and her son...” That is the religious system of slavery and bondage to the ways of the flesh and doctrines of demons. For what the slave woman birthed will not inherit what the free woman birthed.

To this day there is these two conflicting and opposing ideologies and belief systems at work. It’s like the Jews verses the Samaritans or the Gentiles; or this mountain verses that mountain; Islam verses Israel; Judaism verses Yeshua. But for us today, and as it's been since the apostles, it is Christianity verses the Messianic Communities of Scripture, Grace verses Law, a battle of deception. How is this playing out today in our end time world? 


The Right Man But The Wrong Woman

Christianity has the right Man, Yeshua - whom they renamed Jesus – but they have connected a Hagar to this Man called Roman Catholicism, the mother of Christianity. And this women of false religion, with its “other” good news, this prostitute riding the seven headed beast, has spawned this multi Denominational system of Christianity.
This is the spirit of Feminism which opposes the Bride of Yeshua. It is the woman on the Beast at war with the Bride of Messiah. This picture is still based on the difference between Sarah and Hagar, the two women of Revelation: the one giving birth to the Manchild, Israel, and the other riding the Beast, the anti-messiah, the woman who wants to be the head and take control. It’s also the difference between Christianity and the Messianic believers in the Book of Acts. Both Sarah and Hagar had the same husband, but one birthed the righteous seed of the Messianic line, and the other birthed the unrighteous seed of a false man-made kingdom of promise. This is   about following the right Man, Yeshua, but following the wrong woman, the woman of Rome.

 Come out and touch not the unclean thing or suffer in her judgements. Feminism is where the women takes the role of leading the man. She wants to make the rules and tell the man they have as much right to lead and be the decision maker as the man. Feminism is the usurping of what belongs to man. She wants the same authority and power over the running of the church, the home and the nation as the man has. It is manipulative, controlling, but deceptive and usually subtle. This is Rome and the Church taking over from Elohim, usurping an authority that doesn’t belong to her. This is the mixed seed, the mixed fibres, the yoking of an ox to a donkey as is forbidden in the Torah. Deuteronomy 22:9-11, Leviticus 19:19.

Often in cooking, the recipe will say “Mix the seeds all together" or "Mix the spices all together.” These expressions apply perfectly to the Christian Church and the way it functions and serves their God. With its business-like structure and function, it takes in the ways of the world. It has the world's mindset when it comes to its world view of Israel, it emulates the world's leadership style, its music and its message is concert and rock-star like, and it uses and controls people for its own purposes, goals and glory.

The Church takes spiritual truth from the Scriptures, teaches, applies and uses them out of context and turns them into pretexts, traditions and commands of men. It also takes upon itself the right to abandon much that they don’t like or agree with in the Torah and the Scriptures, even though their God said not to add or subtract anything from Scripture.

All of the above is idolatry or spiritual adultery; it’s their golden calf of man-made and unacceptable worship. The Church has taken all its excesses, errors and false practices, thrown them into the “mixing bowl” of pragmatism - and out came Denominational Christianity. Y’Hovah calls this spirit of feminism and witchcraft. 

1 Samuel 15:22-23:

“Does Y’Hovah delight in burnt offerings and sacrifice as in obeying the voice of Y’Hovah? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, to pay attention than the fat of rams. For rebellion is like the sin of divination and stubbornness is like iniquity and idolatry. Since you have rejected Y’Hovah’s word, He has also rejected you as king.”

Mark 12:33-34:

“"And 'to love Him with all the heart, with all the understanding, and with all the strength', and 'to love the neighbour as oneself', is much more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices."

When Yeshua saw that he had answered wisely,He said to him "You are not far from the Kingdom of God."”

Hebrews 10:5-9:

“So when Messiah comes into the world, He says, ‘Sacrifices and offerings You did not desire, but a body You prepared for Me. In whole burnt offerings and sin offerings You did not delight. Then I said, Behold I come to do Your will, O God (in the scroll of the Book it is written of Me).’
After saying above, ‘Sacrifices and offerings and whole burnt offerings and sin offerings You did not desire, nor did You delight in them (those which are offered according to Torah), then He said, Behold I come to do Your will.’ He takes away the first to establish the second.’”

To love Him is to obey Him and to do His will.