What’s Happening to Israel Today, And What Will Happen Tomorrow?

War is always filled with tragedy and inhumanity of man to man. Devastation, destruction and horror fill our screens and airwaves. Satanic evil and its hatred battles the purposes of Israel and their Elohim.

When we listen to the news reports of Israel and Hamas at war, every solution is political and humanitarian. Solve the politics of the situation, and the humanitarian goal of world peace will be accomplished. So, then every Arab nation will love Israel, as it’s a political problem and therefore solvable by man and diplomacy? Is it working with Russia against Ukraine? Is it working with China and Taiwan? Is it working with Iran and America, or Eastern Communism and dictatorships, or Western capitalism and Democracy? No, and it never will! So says God’s Word, which is always right.


Unfortunately, most of Christianity is caught up in this “bun fight” of Palestinians and Israel, and whose side you are on. The truth is we should be on neither side in this political and humanitarian divide, filled with war crimes. We should be on God’s side and declare what His Word declares, from Moses to Malachi.

These are the questions the whole world needs to consider:

Where was God in what happened to Israel on the 7th October 2023?

What is the purpose of the nation of Israel in the earth?

Why does the God of all creation call Himself the Elohim (God) of Israel?

The answers to these questions are most important, and essential to the understanding of what is happening to Israel and what the Scriptures have to say about this war with Hamas. Deuteronomy 12:1-5; 14:1-2.   

Israel’s existence, how it began, and its reason for being is like no other nation on earth. As we noted last week, it is a nation raised up by Elohim from Abraham’s seed, to be a special, chosen people as a revelation of Himself to all the world, and His vehicle of salvation and restoration to all mankind and His creation (now practically destroyed).

Who God is, what He is like, and what He requires of every person on planet earth and every government and nation is not known or understood without Israel.

Israel’s prophets were the mouth piece, the voice of Elohim to the whole world, to every nation – especially to Christianity, who should also be carriers of this message to the ends of the earth, but are not. Israel was forbidden, or told not to contaminate the truth as revealed by Moses and the prophets by interacting with gods or idols, the worship systems and the idolatrous practises of the nations around them, or great judgements and curses would befall them. Israel’s leaders and people have failed to obey their Elohim and His prophets; and therefore war, captivity, death and destruction now plagues them.

The war of today is no different than all the wars that have gone before, including 1948, the 1967 and 1976 wars. The major difference now with this war, along with Russia and Ukraine at the same time, is that Y’Hovah is positioning the nations of the world and their political alignments for the final outpouring of Daniel and John’s revelations of the end time apocalypse. And Israel and the Middle East is at the centre of this. Psalm 83:1-19.

Israel is surrounded by its enemies. The longer this Gaza war goes on, the greater the uprising of the “Palestinian cause” will be around the world, along with antisemitism, and greater will be the world’s hatred toward Israel and those who support them.

Israel has to defend itself and has the right to do so, not only politically but more importantly Scripturally.

Who are the most vulnerable in these wars, by the men of war and the machines of war?  Women, children and babies! 2 Kings 8:12-15; Hosea 14:1-2. This was prophesied to happen to Israel by their enemies, not as part of Elohim’s judgement, but because of their enemies’ evil and hatred. But Y’Hovah also declares it will happen to their enemies in war. Psalm 137:7-9; Nahum 3:7-10.

As tragic as these things are, they will be satan’s tactics and evil. But Y’Hovah will always raise up deliverers at the enemies’ expense. Ezekiel 25:15-17; Zephaniah 2:4-7.  

What is happening in Israel and Gaza today is difficult to watch and understand in the natural flesh for both groups of people, as well as for us on the outside. Y’Hovah will destroy His enemies.

The Word of Elohim of Israel by their prophets, Yeshua and the apostles foretells of even greater wars worldwide, with tribulation and much death and destruction. An unimaginable apocalypse lies ahead, not only for Israel, but the whole world.

The prophetic word is never wrong, it just has to be interpreted correctly and watched closely for the signs of the times we live in. For they tell the time when the world will be looking at total annihilation. Matthew 24:21-24. That is the midnight hour!


The Doomsday Clock:

Midnight is a metaphor for the final judgement of Elohim on the world. Exodus 12:29; Matthew 25:1-6; Acts 26:22-26. For the unbelieving world, it speaks of the end of civilisation. At the beginning of each year in January, a group of specially selected scientists look at world conditions and make a judgement as to where the world is at, and how close we are to self-annihilation as a species. This is then conveyed to the world by their setting of what is called “The Doomsday Clock”. It forecasts how close we are to midnight. (Midnight being the time of self-destruction). It is based on threats of nuclear weapons, climate change, pandemics and infectious diseases.

The Doomsday Clock is symbolic of how close the world is to worldwide annihilation, as seen by man. At the moment, it is 60 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been. But Yeshua’s parables and words in Matthew 24 is not symbolic, they are prophetic, and His word is never wrong. Matthew 24 tells us also that it is 60 seconds to midnight and closing fast. But Scripture gives us much more information, and spells it out clearly and precisely with many indicators as what to look for so we don’t get it wrong and be caught unawares.

(As an interesting side note, scientists tell us that in the event of a nuclear exchange or war, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and the Solomon Islands will be the most capable of producing food and to help reboot a collapsed human civilisation, because of less sunlight and colder days on earth.)


That’s Israel and the World Today -  But What About Tomorrow?

Israel the nation is foundationed on eternal promises and covenants given by Elohim, and even He cannot alter them.

Hebrews 6:13-18. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, will be the centre of a new world order called the New Jerusalem, the   Heavenly Zion. Israel will rule over the whole earth with their Messiah and Bridegroom, Yeshua.

This is how it will play out on the world stage. Zechariah 12:1-5.

All surrounding nations who come out together to besiege Israel will find themselves reeling or dizzy as an intoxicated people under the hand of Y’Hovah’s judgement. Jerusalem will become a massive or burdensome stone. All who try to lift it, carry it away or remove it from its rightful place in Scripture and the world“will be cut to pieces.”

You can’t move the immovable. The destroyers themselves will be destroyed. Daniel said the kingdoms of men will be crushed to dust by the coming Kingdom of Elohim.

In Zech 12:3-4, Y’Hovah says when all the nations are gathered together against Israel, that “I will strike every horse with confusion and its rider with madness. I will keep My eyes on the house of Judah but will blind every horse of the peoples.”

The war machine and its operators, soldiers and leaders will be in total confusion, craziness and blindness. Zechariah 14:12-15.

Is this the result of a nuclear strike, or a plague of Y’Hovah Himself? Either way, the result is the same. Panic and confusion will have neighbouring armies attacking and fighting each other. The wealth of Rome, the Babylon of Revelation and all others will become Israel’s.

In the midst of this war at Trumpet 5 and 6, the two woes are released as outlined in Revelation 9. Then we have the arrival of Yeshua at the 7th trumpet as Saviour of Israel and the destroyer of the nations as described above.

Then we see the words of Zechariah come to life as prophetically declared. 12:10-11; 13:1

In Zech 13:7-9, we find Y’Hovah saying that these nations ruling over or controlling and attacking Israel are His shepherds, used by Him to punish Israel and scatter them. And in the end, two thirds will die, and one third will be refined as silver and tested as gold. They will be the ones calling on His Name and proclaiming Y’Hovah Yeshua  as their Elohim.

This we see recounted in Zech 14. 14:1-5.


The Kingdom Restored to Israel Again:

The disciples asked Yeshua at His first coming, “Adonay, are You restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” Yeshua then, in effect, said the time is not yet but it is in the Father’s control.

For most of Israel that is not even a thought in their mind, or an understanding of their future unless you are orthodox or Messianic. Which is a small percentage.

To the majority of Israelis, they are just another democratic nation that knows nothing about their Tanak (Jewish Scriptures), their place in history or why they exist.

But times like this Gaza war and the rise of antisemitism, you would hope would make them more open to their history under king David, and to the truth of Scripture and their Messiah.

Here is what Isaiah says about their tomorrow, their future: Isaiah 40:1-5.

Wars will cease, judgements will be finished and the shekinah of Y’Hovah’s presence and reign will return, and all the world will see it. Isaiah 51:1-8.


Let all the world take note, let all of Christianity take note, but above all, let all of Israel take note that this day lies just ahead of her. Who will be the one third who will survive it?