The Torah And The Tanak – An Inconvenient Truth:

Humanity was created in the image of Elohim. Gen. 1:26-28. When it comes to the understanding of the nation of Israel, it is important to always keep front of mind that they were a nation created by Elohim for a specific purpose and reason. They are like no other nation on earth. Their beginning and existence came not from the will of man, the power of leadership or as a breakaway from an existing people; Israel was brought into existence by the will of Elohim just the same as Adam and Eve were.

Like Adam and Eve, Israel was created to reveal and be like the fullness of who Y’hovah Elohim, the Great I AM really is to the rest of the world. Through Israel, all of humanity on Earth would be blessed, just as it was first intended for Adam and Eve, who tarnished the image of Elohim through eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and brought sin into the world. But now in Abraham, the provision to reverse the curse of death on all mankind would come through the nation that would be birthed by Elohim supernaturally, through a barren man and women. Gen 12:1-3; 22:15-18.

All of mankind bears the image and likeness of their Creator, followed or not. We are born with a moral compass of right and wrong. To be righteous, loving, kind, truthful and honest is in our DNA, followed or not. We are a highly intelligent species; creative, inventive, hardworking, with the ability to understand, problem solve and live in wisdom. We were created with not only the ability, but the command to reproduce and rule. Just like our Creator we are to function and live as He does in integrity and truth, justness and wholeness. We are created eternal just as our Creator God is, just as Adam and Eve were.

None of this has changed, but how we live this out and whether or not we live by these truths is another thing. Sin and satan will be at work until the end of the two resurrections, and until the Kingdom of Elohim once again fills the whole earth. We, mankind, have an eternal purpose and this is seen in Israel and in their name. Israel means “to rule as El or God” (Strongs). Y’Hovah’s plan and purpose for Israel will be fully accomplished. Isaiah 2:1-5; 66:10-16.

Because of disobedience and the rejection of the Torah and the Tanak, the Law and the prophets, the world is at war; Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah and the whole Arab world seeks the destruction of Israel, and satan is at the helm.

The end time apocalypse and tribulation will be fulfilled exactly as it is written. Christianity in all its forms, colours and religious systems of men cannot change the heart of man or the world condition or bring in the Kingdom.

The Inconvenient Truth:

The truth of Elohim’s Word is that if you reject and walk away from the Torah and the Tanak, you walk away from Elohim and into the darkness of deception. To walk away from the truth is to walk away from the Kingdom, and satan will always fill the void. Christianity only sees that in Christian terms, as applying to non-Christians. They say, “if you’re not a Christian like me, you are not accepted by God.” But in their rejection of Elohim’s Word, the Torah, they are in fact rejecting God and the truth of His Word. Matthew 5:17-18; 7:21-23; 13:36-43.

On life's journey you will always come to a fork in the road, many times over. One leads to the Mount of Cursing, and one leads to the Mount of Blessing. Deuteronomy 27:1-15

One is the wide path of the curse. It leads to death, the devil and cursing. It is the wide path that rejects the commandments of God, the Torah, as established on Mount Ebal. Both the words of the Torah, and an altar of sacrifice and rejoicing before Y’Hovah were built on this Mount. This is an unchangeable truth, no matter how inconvenient they are to you. How Y’Hovah is worshipped, praised and obeyed is a non-negotiable with Elohim. To do so is to be cursed. This is idolatry, called spiritual adultery by Elohim.

The other pathway in this fork of the road is the pathway of blessing, called Mount Gerazim, the Mount of Blessing. To obey is better than sacrifice, says Samuel, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Yeshua calls this pathway the narrow pathway into the Kingdom of God and His blessing. One is the wide path of the flesh, and satan, and religious tradition and false teachings. The other is the path walked by those who put the Kingdom of God first, obey Torah and know that the Father’s blessings will follow them. These two pathways are summed up in the truth as given to Adam and Eve. Eat of the Tree of Life and walk in My blessing and favour forever; eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and you will come under its curse and death.

Shekem stands between, or near the base of these two mountains. It’s the first place that Abraham stopped at his entry into the Promised Land, built an altar and called on the Name of Y’Hovah. When Israel came out of Egyptian bondage and into the Promised Land under Joshua, they had to go to Shechem, stand on the two mountains, and proclaim their understanding and acceptance of the Torah as that which outlines Elohim’s blessings and curses based on it. Today it is still true: Shechem is the place where people take their stand on the truth of Torah and its blessings or curses. This is where the Name of Y’Hovah is called upon, and leads us on to Hebron, where Abraham went next, speaking of the land of milk and honey and the Kingdoms’ blessings. Abraham “sleeps” there and David ruled as King from there. Yeshua the Messiah is the fulfilment of these men’s lives. Israel and Christianity must accept and live by these truths as revealed by Abraham, Moses and Yeshua.

The Two Pathways of Revelation:

These two pathways, outlined in Y’Hovah’s Word by Moses and Yeshua, is in reality two forms of revelation knowledge to the world. One is the devil’s vehicle of revelation to the world, as the god of this world. The other is Y’Hovah’s vehicle of revelation as the Creator and owner of this world.

1. Satan's vehicle of revelation is Christianity.

The devil has Roman Catholicism, Protestantism (including the Evangelicals), Pentecostals and every other Christian flavour and Denomination doing his bidding and peddling his lies and deception. That’s according to Yeshua and the apostles. Just look at the simple and most basic of lies and deception like Sunday worship, Easter and Christmas, various forms of baptism, the weakened message called the Gospel, the rapture and the many second coming beliefs.

Christianity is a system of half-truths and a mixture of “doctrines of demons” and “traditions of men”.

2. Elohim’s vehicle of revelation is Israel.

There is no other truth outside of that which was established in the nation of Israel. In Israel, all truth is held and made known. Any teaching, path, belief, doctrine or tradition that is not based on what was established by Y’hovah in their Torah, covenants, promises and commandments will be rejected by the Elohim of Israel. (Romans 9:1-5)

He has Abraham, Moses and the prophets, Yeshua and the apostles as the carriers of truth and the revealers of the will of Elohim. Don’t add and don’t subtract from the truths as established in His Word. Man shall live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Elohim. Anything different is a lie.

It’s the battle between the god of this world and the God of the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s the battle between Roman Catholicism, Christianity and the truth found in that given to the nation of Israel. Into what have you been grafted? (Romans 11:16-23).

Choose this day whom you will serve: the kingdoms of men and their religious ways and traditions, or the Kingdom of Elohim as found in the Torah of Israel and its teachings? Mark 7:5-9; Luke 24:25-27.

Christianity And Paganism:

You cannot mix paganism with the truth of God’s Word. That’s an abomination to Him and will bring the curse, or loss of entry into the Kingdom of Elohim, promised through Israel. Many a prayer goes unheard because they or our lives are not according to His will. (1 John 5:1-3, 14.) Six million Jews died at the hands of Hitler, the sixth head of the beast of the Roman Empire as revealed in Revelation, because Israel mixed Elohim’s Word and their worship with paganism. King Jeroboam of the Northern kingdom opened that door in all its fullness. 1 Kings 12:25-33. Judah and Rehoboam followed in their footsteps soon after. 2 Chronicles 12:1. This is the wide path of destruction and cursing.

The same happened in Gaza on the 7th October 2023. This attack by Hamas was on the last day of Israel’s Feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles or Booths). This is an eight day festival celebrating the second coming of Yeshua, the 1,000 year millennial reign and those of the first resurrection and the marriage of the Lamb, the Son of God, to His Bride. The Bride is Israel and those grafted in to the nation of Israel with their covenants and promises. We are one with Israel through Yeshua the Messiah. (Romans 9-11).

Hamas attacked on the last great day of this Feast, called the Eighth Day, and is proclaimed a Sabbath day by God no matter what day it falls on. This was the Feast day that Yeshua stood on the steps of the Temple and cried out to the crowds in John 7:37-38. This gives some context to the timing by God, who is in control of times and seasons. (Acts 1:6-7). This particular weekend is extremely important to God and for the purposes for which Israel was brought into existence. They are a witness nation to the rest of the world of what is required of all peoples of all nations by God. Israel is a witness to the nations of Elohim, and His great love for them and the whole world. Isaiah 55:1-9; 43:8-13; 44:1-9. For this reason, Yeshua sent His apostles into all the world. Moses, the Torah and the prophets of Israel are the message of hope to the world, and that "salvation is of the Jews" through their Messiah Yeshua.

Israel has become a very sinful nation, and is just like the Western and European nations of the world. Tel Aviv is among the worst as the Pride capital of the world, amongst other things. Israel's youth had a rave music festival on the weekend of their Biblical Feast of Sukkot - which of course is ignored by the vast majority, as is their Sabbaths. This festival location was right opposite Gaza. It was the centre of attention instead of Jerusalem. There they had a huge construction with an idol-like Buddha or Krishna on top of it, with dancing, music and all kinds of idolatrous and immoral behaviour.

This is exactly what happened at Mount Sinai with Moses and the golden calf, where 3,000 people were put to death. This is the same as Jeroboam in Samaria with two golden calves either end of their boundaries, which ended in death, slaughter and captivity to Assyria. What is written to Israel is written to us and the whole world. The message hasn’t changed, and the promises and the curses have not changed. What happens to Israel will happen to the nations on the same basis, and for the same reasons. The only solution to this inconvenient truth is the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua; Jew and gentile coming under the one Law. There is not one for them and one for us. Both will be judged by the same Torah, according to James. (James 2:9-26)

When Christians and their churches put up their nativity scene next to a Christmas tree with all their baubles, you are mixing paganism with God’s Word. When you buy your next Christmas present or visit Santa, when you buy your next Easter egg and hunt for the Easter bunnies hidden eggs, when you celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday or when you go to worship on the Day of the Sun, Sunday, then you are mixing paganism with the truth of God’s Word. That’s an abomination to God and the wide path to judgement, not resurrection, and there is no entry into the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

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